Christmas Comes To Kevin Leary


    Kevin Leary was a bum. He wasn’t a homeless person, nor an individual set adrift by physical or mental difficulties, he was just a plain and ordinary bum. He didn't work and he didn't want to. He was a small time pool hustler and an errand boy for a number of local gangsters. He did whatever they needed and he didn't care who got hurt in the process.

Kevin wasn't always that way of course. Once, he had been an altar boy at St. John the Evangelist Church, and the pride of Mrs. Margaret Mary Leary of Cazenovia Street. The family lived in South Buffalo, a working class section of Buffalo, New York. Margaret Mary Leary had hopes that young Kevin would go on to the seminary and become a grand priest with the Jesuit Fathers. She prayed for the vocation in a thousand novenas.

But, growing up in a tough section of a big city can do things to people. Kevin ran with a rough crowd that became more brazen as they grew older. Petty theft and small time burglaries graduated into hijacking trailers, mugging tourists and running numbers for the local mob. No one planned it that way, it just that  it seemed easier for him to flow with the tide. Books, education and all of that stuff were for suckers.

As the years passed, Kevin grew through his teen years and early twenties into a thief, hustler and small time hoodlum. Margaret Mary Leary seemed to shrink under the burden of Kevin's failed promise, until she became old, beaten down and weary with life. Kevin rarely saw his mother these days. It was too painful for both of them.

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